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A Little Night Music

Where: Missouri State University

When: Spring 2017

Position: Costume Designer

Director: Robert Westenberg

Stage Manager: Abigail Teel

Scenic Designer: Robert Little

Lighting Designer: Mike Foster

Sound Designer: Mark Putman

Hair and Makeup Designer: Shelby Kram

Properties Designer: Ashley Gengler

Choreographer: Josh Inmon

Music Director: Ann Marie Wilcox-Daehin

In A Little Night Music there are several characters that are separated by age gaps. For this production, the costumes were designed to accentuate those characteristics, as well as mirror the silhouette of the nineteen teens. Putting the younger woman in lighter pastels with lots of ruffles and lace to give her a baby-doll appearance, while a older more sophisticated character was wrapped in sleeker lines and had jewels to adorn her. 

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