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Fake Pregnancy Belly

Made for Gulfshore Playhouse's 2020 production of Native Gardens. Designed by Renee Baker, and construction process determined by Jennifer Bronsted, I acted as stitcher/craft artisan. we draped a piece of coutil on to the abdomen of a dress form, about the size of the actress, and then sewed layers of foam to the piece of coutil with a curved needle. Then I proceeded to sew the layers of foam together to strengthen the belly. After it was sewn together it was then a matter of shaping the foam by cutting/shaving it into the desired size/shape. Next a couple of layers of batting was stretched over the foam to smooth out the belly, and then a layer of spandex to smooth and appear skin like. It was then attached to a body shaper layer by snaps, so that the body shaper could be washed separately from the belly. 

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