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Family Tree

Choreographed by Kelly Knox, Family Tree was an exploration of connection trees have with one another as well as impact they have on the world around them. It made perfect since to me as the designer to design something that not only showcased the beauty and diversity trees bring, but to consciously make the choice to create a sustainable design. This lead me research more about sustainable practices in the fashion industry, fabric choices, and natural dyes. The process then started by creating a color and texture palette, having natural fibers and earthtones would not only evoke imagery of trees but would be in line with using sustainable material. To start, we pulled as many existing costume pieces as possible from stock that would fit in with the color and texture palette. From their it was creating different sketches that showcased different silhouettes and styles that I discussed with the choreographer until and vision became clear. After the looks were decided it was a matter of creating certain looks with the sustainable material, we had access to including natural fibers, natura dyes, and plastic bags that was used for a large group of ensemble dancers. 

When: Fall 2022

Where: Bucknell University

Position: Costume Designer

Choreographer: Kelly Knox

Stage Manager: Gabe Gross

Properties Designer: Elaine Williams

Lighting Designer: Eliza Greenberg

Sound Designer: Heath Hanson

Photographer: Gordon Wenzel

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