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Farquaad Legs

Made during Weston Theatre Company's 2022 summer season, these fake legs were designed by Lily Preston for the production Shrek the Musical. My role for the season was cutter/draper and took charge of overseeing the construction of these Farquaad legs. we started with 2 wooden dowls attached with a hinge that would function as a knee. these were then covered with pool noodles and batting to be lightweight and give a more human leg like shape to the structure. a layer of pantyhose was then added to attach the two legs together before they were sewn into the yellow leggings that would be seen. It was then a matter of figuring out how to get them attached to the performer, after several trials, we constructed a harness system in which the top of the legs were held in place with an elastic waist band , the middle section of the legs were attached to belting that secured them to the performers thighs, and stirrups that were attached to the performers knee that held the boots of the legs in place. 

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