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Fun Home 

Having designed Fun Home once before, I was able to delve deeper into the research of the period and specifically focus on the nuisances of how certain queer people dressed. It is the subtle details of how a person wears or styles their clothing that tells the audience about that character's personality, and in this time when many queer people were not out it was a way to use clothing as a signal to others about their sexual orientation. Using this knowledge, I was able to design a show that gave these characters authenticity and showed the progression of Alison in her journey of self-discovery. 

Where: Bucknell University

When: Spring 2022

Position: Costume Designer & Hair/Makeup Designer

Director: Dr. Bryan M. Vandevender

Stage Manager & Dramaturgy: Julia Tokish

Scenic & Properties Designer: Elaine Williams

Lighting Designer: Ian Evans

Sound Designer: Matt Nowell

Music Director: Jamie Namminga

Intimacy Design: cfrancis blackchild

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