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Idle Labyrinth

Choreographed by Shaun Parrish, Idle Labyrinth was about one's journey in discovering and accepting their identity in the queer community. The choreographer had a clear vision about using black flowy pants, white blouses, and incorporating body harnesses. To heighten this vision, I wanted to play around with mixing both feminine elements with more masculine elements. Adding a pleated half skirts to the pants, combined the utilitarian silhouette of the pants with more feminine detail. This mixing of elements can also be seen between the materials of the blouse, being more soft, silky, and lightweight in opposition with the tough, black, harnesses and their metal hardware. To pay homage to the queer community that was being honored in this dance, many of the harnesses were designed and chosen to evoke a triangle like shape as a subtle nod to the history of the pink triangle used in AIDS awareness campaigns, as well as those worn by queer folks during the Holocaust. 

When: Spring 2023

Where: Bucknell University

Position: Costume Designer

Choreographer: Shaun Parrish

Stage Manager: Gabe Gross

Lighting Designer: Alice Jackins

Sound Designer: Heath Hanson

Photographer: Gordon Wenzel

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