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Men's Waistcoat

Constructed for Gross Indecency at Bucknell University, this men's Victorian waistcoat was designed by Carly Halzworth. My role as cutter/draper, I started by creating a basic body block pattern and then scaling up a pattern and matching it up with the basic block. From there we decide to go ahead and cut it out of the fashion fabric, which was in need of some repair and piecing to fit the pattern pieces. With the outer layer strung together, we proceeded with a first fitting, after which we made some adjustments to style and fit. once those adjustments were made, I took on the task of creating 3 functioning welt pockets. Once the pockets were complete and the lining stitched together it was just a matter of putting the layers together and adding the finishing details. Details including buttons and buttonholes, as well as decorative pick-stitching around the edges of the waistcoat and its pockets. 

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