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She Stoops to Conquer

Where: Missouri State University

When: Fall 2018

Position: Costume Designer

Director: Ed Swidey

Stage Manager: Libby Casey

Scenic Designer: Chris Depriest

Lighting Designer: Angelina Adams

Sound Designer: Mark Putnam

Properties Master: Savannah Hesleps 

Photographer: Jesse Scheve

She Stoops to Conquer is a comedy of manners period piece, in which tricks and mistaken identity causes all sorts of trouble for the characters. The color palette and garment details of the costumes were an important concept to this production. The coordinating colors of certain characters show their relationship  to each other, as well as there social standing. The characters from the country tend to be in more earth tones, while the city folk are in cooler blue colors. The decoration and trim on each character also denotes the wealth and status of each character. Overall it was the goal of the costumes to create a beautiful aesthetic, while also giving insight to the different relations of the characters. 

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