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Dragon Vest & Wings

Constructed for Weston Theatre Company and their 2022 production of Shrek The Musical designed by Lily Preston. My role as cutter/draper was to start the project by padding the out to match the performers measurements and then the design lines were placed. After that I draped and pinned the vest muslin to fit the form and then traced the design lines on to the muslin. I then took the draped piece off the form and created a flat pattern for the vest. The stitching team and I then created a muslin mock-up to fit to the performer. After the mock-up was fit and minor alterations made to the vest flat pattern, the project was handed off to the stitcher, Robyn Farley. It was then time to work on the dragon wings. After discussing with the designer and performer we decided that the wings should just be fabric with no hard structure, so that the performer could move more freely. After creating the flat pattern piece, I gathered some fabric that fit the designers color palette and then stitched the pieces together using flat felled seam to have a clean appearance on both front and back of the wings.  The wings were then attached to a pair of gloves and rigged to attach to the vest as well. 

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