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Tailed Vests

Constructed for Sing, Sing, Sing choregraphed by Gus and performed at Bucknell University Department of Theatre and Dance's Fall Mainstage Dance Concert. We had an existing tailed vests that was style the designer was looking for, however there was not enough for the entire dance ensemble and were not the correct color. So, I started by tracing the existing garment to create a flat pattern that we could use. We ended up using that original pattern for several performers, as well as using it as a starting point for creating a larger sized pattern for other performers. There were 12 dancers in this piece, so I then cut enough fashion and lining fabric piece to create 12 identical tailed vests of 2 different sizes that would get fit to each dancer during their fittings. After cutting the pieces out, the costume studio team all helped stitched and finish the tailed vests. 

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