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Take Me To The Galaxy

Choreographed by Dustyn Martincich, Take Me to The Galaxy was a dance piece that was created to honor the choreographer's parents and their personal relationship as disco dancers. To honor the rich history of disco, I looked into the origins of the scene evolved and changed over time, and in turn how that effected the people and the clothing that were tied up in disco culture. Realizing the freedom and individuality that disco inspired help me design costumes that were unique and that the dancers could feel free and comfortable in. Having its origins in Black, Latinx, and queer cultures I hoped the vibrant colors would reflect the joy and diversity that made disco special.  

Where: Bucknell University

When: Spring 2023

Position: Costume Designer

Choreographer: Dustyn Martincich

Stage Manager: Gabe Gross

Lighting Designer: Heath Hansom

Photographer: Gordon Wenzel

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